Saturday, May 24, 2008

This was awesome. You're looking at the Double OT Syracuse/Virginia Men's Lacrosse Final 4 game @ Gillette Stadium today. 48,000 people at a lacrosse game. Probably one of the biggest moments in the increasignly popular sport. 10 years ago when I started playing, I had to go to a private Catholic school before I'd even heard of the game. And believe me when I say this, 50% of the crowd today was under 14 yrs old. Nothing makes me prouder than seeing the sport blow up the way it has. It's almost beyond words.

I'm exhausted after a long night, so I'll drop some more deets later. PEACE.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Truth & The King

Jackpot! We're at North Station waiting for the train after a ridiculous game 7. Pierce and Lebron put on an absolute show, scoring a combined 80-something points, mostly in each others faces. Awesome game. Awesome. We actually found face value cheap seats 20 minutes before tipoff, which is how i recommend getting tickets for everything... details in my next post.

There were a lot of "bring on Detroit" chants throughout the night. Alls I know is, I'm exhausted after this series (and the Atlanta one too for that matter). I can only imagine what it's like for the guys who wear green for a living in this town. These finishes will either start taking their toll on a veteran team, or light a fire. They came up with big shots today when we needed them, and showed a fantastic amount of hustle and enthusiasm when it mattered, and even overcame some seriously bad officiating. I'm hoping they can stay at this level. It won't be a cakewalk, but if we can do it, itll mean well for the C's.

Also of note: Someone had a "KGeeezie fo'sheezie" sign. I really enjoyed that.

Song of the Day: Welcome to the Jungle (where we are as yet undefeated)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Manny Being Ridiculous

Rest assured, any time Manny Ramirez makes a "spectacular catch/high-5 a fan/throw the runner out" double play, causing Baseball Tonight to run a Best of Manny Being Manny countdown, there's no way I'm not posting it...

UPDATE: ...unless I can't. Apparently I can't post the actual video, but here's the link. ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time of death: 2:15pm. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Launch Party

Wakefield, MA

Hello everybody and WELCOME to the red carpet. We are coming to you LIVE from Chris Mathison's bedroom at the official Jack and Jack and Coke Launch Party, brought to you by Bud Light, the Boston Red Sox, outdated Dell laptops, and the impulsive 6 tickets I just bought for the New Kids on the Block reunion tour. Rock and roll baby.

Tonight is turning into a who's who of people who live in my parents' house, as my girlfriend just made an appearance. Adorable? Definitely. Alcohol tolerance of a six-year-old? You betcha. And she just delivered this gem, just in time to make it into the blog: "Are you losing weight? Because your head looks smaller." I embrace these things because I'm in love.

Some background on your blogger: 'Funemployed' graphic designer and frontman for promising local cover band BEARfight, graduated from one of New England's most prestigious Prep schools in 1999, then spent 7 years at the easiest 4-yr college in the country engaging in various fruitful activities like jumping off roofs naked and playing guitar at dive bars, all the while accruing a stellar amount of debt. During that time, played and coached lacrosse for the Sun Devils, posting an impressive 24-50 record. But we beat U of A. Also of note: within 18 months of Mathison's coaching tenure with the Sun Devils, the team's three female managers ended up 1)working at Hooters, 2)in Playboy, and 3)pregnant, respectively. None of which was my fault, to the best of my knowledge. Anyway, don't judge me. You try graduating from that school on time. I can give you a hundred reasons why it took so long, only 8 of which are in the photo to the right. That was that chick's actual haircut. Irregardless...

Hoping to capitalize on the wild, sweeping success of 2004's "Myspace - About Me" section and countless well-received Away Messages over the years, I'm hoping you'll enjoy the forthcoming posts as much as I'll enjoy writing them. You'll notice I spend most of my time pointing out the ridiculous things in life. To that end I could have very easily named this RidicuBlogs. But I found it only fitting to name this space after the one thing that's led to more ridiculous happenings than all the others combined, my drink of choice: The Jack and Jack and Coke.

Probable discussion topics include but are not limited to:
Live music, Day-drinking, the Red Sox, Las Vegas Nevada, High School lacrosse, words I made up, Jack Bauer, Arizona State, job hunting, The Office, the guy who runs trivia in Manchester on Wednesday nights who drives me friggin insane, and most importantly, my friends and family. Without whom I'd be drinking alone.
So drop a line, comment at will. I'll be posting my opinions which should be taken as facts, and I'll throw in some enjoyable pictures and videos along the way. I'm pretty sure this kind of thing has never been done before, so we're really breaking ground here with this 'blogging' thing. Or 'yogging.' It might be a soft B, I'm not sure.

...and here's to life.

Song of the day:
The Refreshments - Mekong